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VERU Family logoBeing a parent, carer or guardian can be difficult, we often worry about our children and sometimes wonder if there is more we can do to support them. Unfortunately, youth violence affects all of us in some way shape or form regardless of whether your child is a victim or a perpetrator.

If your child is involved in a gang they may be scared and not want to talk about it. It is important that they know you want to listen and support them. Make sure they know they have a choice.

Stay calm. Ask questions, but listen too. Don’t be afraid of confrontation, but try not to approach them with anger and accusations.

Try to understand the situation from their point of view and why they have joined the gang. Ask them what you can do to help. Try to agree about what they should do next. Work with them to find solutions and choices.

Here at Beds VERU we provide support for all people affected by youth violence. Contact us if you need more help and support, or please see below for some further helpful resources.


NSPCC advice about how to spot the signs of criminal exploitation and involvement in gangs and what support is available for children and young people.

Anti knife crime campaign

The Ben Kinsella Trust campaigns against knife crime and educates young people about its dangers, helping them make positive choices to stay safe.

Youth Violence Intervention Programme

Redthread is an organisation that supports young people to lead healthy, safe and happy lives.

Information Against Exploitation project

Our friends at Bedfordshire housing association Mary Seacole worked with young people to come up with a really useful and easy to understand to guide on all different forms of exploitation, as well as where to get help locally.

mental health information for parents, carers & Guardians

Mental health charity MIND provides information if you are worried about a young person's mental health, supporting a young person who's living with a mental health problem or looking for support for yourself.

Advice for parents on gangs and knife crime

Parent Info has published a comprehensive guide around the signs to spot, how to approach these subjects with your children and how you can seek further help and support.

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