During these times of uncertainty we would like to firstly take this opportunity to thank all the frontline staff who are working hard to keep us all safe.

The VERU like many other agencies are still operating, although remotely. Our YIS (Youth Intervention Specialist) Team are providing ongoing (virtual 1-2-1) support for our existing cases and have the capacity to support a few more. Specific to our 1-2-1 support, we have our Specialist Counsellor also available.

All we ask, as we are working remotely is that all referrals meet our criteria listed below and that you complete all sections on the referral form for it to be considered.

Criteria – Revised (Covid-19)

You can make a referral to the YIS team using the online form below.

For more information about or to speak to someone about a referral please email 

Please note referrals made to the VERU is not a substitute for normal safeguarding referrals and should not be used as such

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